Color Me: Retro – the Palette of Poplar inspired by Call the Midwife

Forget Downton Abbey, I’m loving Call the Midwife on PBS. While I won’t go as far as buying the book The Life and Times of Call the Midwife (though it looks lovely) – I did create this color palette and a playlist (which was given the thumbs up by PBS and Call the Midwife on Twitter).

The British are so excellent at period dramas and costuming. I can easily imagine this is what 1950s Poplar looked like – busy (and a little bit grimy) days on the docks. Workhouses are frequently mentioned on the show, you can read more on Poplar workhouses of the day here.

I’m looking forward to see Chummy as a newlywed and I’d like too see how Cynthia’s character develops too.

Call the Midwife returns to the States on March 31st on PBS. Will you be watching? Need a quick fix before the show? Listen to my Call the Midwife inspired playlist Songs from Poplar on Spotify

Call the Midwife series- Pallete of Poplar | About Pretty Blog
Photos sourced from The Guardian, The Telegraph and Call the Midwife/PBS.