Found Fridays: Abigail Strock

I might be late to the party on this one; but I just discovered Abigail Strock / @MrsStrock on Pinterest and Instagram.

Every day this stylish Mrs. puts together the loveliest lays for outfits – from her closet – and she’s a gem at mixing the high-low look. I mean really, if my clothes were laid out like this every morning, I would rush to start the day too.

She’s also doing something fun on Instagram called the #closetremixchallenge. She and another Instagrammer are shopping their closets for one month and tagging their already-owned finds with that hashtag – take a look at some participants.

Here’s a few of my favorite looks and Abigail, if you’re reading, keep the good photos coming!

Found Fridays: Gorgeous Style from @MrsStrock on Instagram | About Pretty Blog