Have you heard? I’m on a Blog Break

Friends I’m sorry, but I have to take a little self-imposed blogging vacation for a while. I’m super slammed at work and wanted to leave a little heads up (it’s budget season!).

I’ll be back shortly with lots of juicy content! I thought this print from Christine over at Deluxe Modern Design summed it up well (plus it’s totally me). Available here.

In the meantime, why don’t we hang out over on Facebook?

Artist Feature :: earlyhours

I’m tempted to call her the Thunder from Down Under but I feel ridiculous saying that, plus who knows, maybe it’s offensive – but let’s talk for a moment about the gorgeous mixed media art from earlyhours.

Melbourne based graphic designer, Alexandra Ethell, is the brains behind these whimiscal pieces and no stranger to this blog. I listed her MARHA piece earlier on the blog as a must-buy.

What I love is her eye – I like the muted colors and the fancy avians combined with retro-loving ladies. An ostrich in pumps? Excuse me while I’m whisked away into a tizzy!

I’m itching to buy a print, but I admit I’m a bit nervous about shipping all the way from Australia. Have you bought any and had them sent stateside? Let me know.
Here are some pieces that I like.

the birds2 by Melbourne graphic designer, earlyhours | About Pretty

top & bottom: the birds two | madonna and child | fragment one

earlyhours, art from Alexandra Ethell,  Melbourne based graphic designer | About Pretty

lovebirds from earlyhours

top & bottom: lovebirds | mabel | the birds one

earlyhours, art from Melbourne graphic designer Alexandra Ethell | About Pretty

See more of earlyhours at their SHOP, ETSY or on FACEBOOK. Do any of these catch your eye? Let me know which is your favorite the in comments.

Updates from Fashion Illustration Class

Happy Monday everyone! How did you spend your weekend?

Have I mentioned that I like to paint? Yeah, I may have. I used to paint regularly with acrylic and gouache but watercolors have always been a favorite. So to brush up (see what I did there) on my skills, I enrolled in a Fashion Illustration class taught by Katie Rodgers of Paper Fashion. I already love her style, but I like that she takes it another step by adding embellishments like jewels, crystals and glitter to her pieces.

You take the class online, and if you’re thinking of signing up, now is a fantastic time because there are inspirational images abound off the heels of New York Fashion Week and more to come from London Fashion Week (I collect things I want to sketch here if you need a jumpstart).

For my first painting I used a Spring 2012 RTW gown from Oscar de la Renta – what do you think? I added some glitter to her jewelry, I’m pretty happy with it. It’s such a fun way to spend the afternoon and it felt great working my right brain.

Give it a try – enroll in PaperFashion: Illustrating Your Favorite Runway Looks

Oscar de la Renta gown. Fashion illustration in watercolor | About Pretty

The lace bit is my favorite and I added some interest on the jewels

Fashion illustration in watercolor | About Pretty

The real deal

Oscar de la Renta Spring RTW gown 2012

Get crafty! See how to make a watercolor selfie here

Elsewhere v.s. Right Here

Do you ever think about “right place, right time”?

Are your quiet moments suddenly invaded by thoughts of faraway places or elsewhere?

I really make a conscious effort to be in the moment, to be present. And I don’t think it’s a FOMO thing. I’ve always been a wonder-er (and a wanderer) and I find myself wondering, “Are the decisions or things that happen to me today things I can stand by in the future?”.

Apply that to whatever you will; choosing to (or not to) exercise, staying up late to finish one more chapter of the book you’re reading only to wake up the next day for work exhausted and cursing the sun. Putting off travel plans for career moves, career & travel for other life choices.

For me it’s not fear of missing out, but rather, simple wanderlust.

Dreams of what I’d be doing in the California desert, a Moroccan street market, a Dutch West Indian isle or in a French anywhere.

I believe that you make your own happiness. You can wake up in the morning (give thanks for seeing another day) and choose your emotions the way you would choose clothes in a closet. No one is going to treat you better than the way you treat yourself.

And yet, my mind always wanders to elsewhere…

How about you?

elsewhere | About PrettyThis photo taken on my last visit to California at Huntington Beach, CA